How to improve the students’ listening
How to improve the students listening         
                                                             by Chen Yedong
Hello ,everyone!
    I am very glad that I have this chance to exchange my experience with you. As you know listening is an important part of English. And also it’s an essential part of communication. Before we speak ,to understand the others is the first step. So listening is a key to this question. I will help the students in the following ways.     
    Playing some songs: Maybe some students think listening is very difficult. So the first thing I do is to let them feel it’s interesting. Sometimes I will play some beautiful English songs ,such as RIGHT HERE WAITING, YESTERDAY ONCE MORE. The students will enjoy them, because  they are really beautiful and easy to understand .I will play the songs several times, and the students can guess the words they are hearing. I also help them if necessary. Several times later ,they will think it’s not so difficult. And they will sing the song after the tape.
    Daily report: I will try to create more chances for the students to listen. Before each class ,I will spare 5 minutes to let students do the Daily Report. They can choose the topics by themselves, and they also can talk about the things they like. It’s a good chance for the rest of the students to practise their listening and also a good chance for the speakers to improve their speaking. I will carry out this plan for 3 years. At first , the students feel nervous. Some of them will be shy ; they get red faces and trembling voices; some will speak with wrong pronunciations. I will try to help them. I think after several times’ practice , the students will be sure of themselves. Also their listening and speaking will have been improved. 
     Classroom English and Classroom work: When the class begins, I will try to give my lessons in ****** English. It’s very important because the teacher’s speech is a good listening material .When they are having the class ,they can hear a lot from you. Also when they are puzzled ,some Chinese are necessary. Now the book gives us some oral practice. We can make good use of it. When I give the students this part, I will let them do the pairwork and teamwork. They will feel excited ,and try to speak and listen. They can communicate and finish the task I have given. I will use the tape, because it’s useful .Some questions should be asked. According to their answers , I will know their problems. Then I’ll help them.
  Listening lessons: Each week, I will choose a lesson to give them listening. This is very important, because the students should be taught how to do the listening practice. So a book of listening is very necessary. At the beginning of each term , I will choose a book for the students. For example, the books edited by Du Xiaoming is very good. The students can benefit a lot from them. The students can do the exercises after the tape , and we can check the answers together. Then we can find out the problems and solve them.
    Speaking and Watching films: To improve their listening and speaking, I’ll find some chances for them to do the oral practice. For example, we can talk about how to learn English well in class. The students can speak freely. They can speak and listen. If possible, I will choose a chance to play an English film for them, Jane Eyre, for example. They will be interested in it and listen to the lines carefully. The films can be chosen from easy to difficult in different grades. They can listen and learn as well. Debate is also a good way to be adopted.
   Listening skills: At last, I want to talk about how to guide the students to do the listening practice. First, the students should be sure of themselves when they do the exercises. They must know that after 3 years’ training, they can do it very well. But they should be careful.
    Before they do the listening, they can read through the exercises. Make it clear what they should know, and what maybe are the questions. Then they can devote themselves to the information they need. For example who\ when\ why \what and so on.
     When they are doing the exercise, they should learn to make notes while listening. Shorthand is necessary in the listening. They will help the students to make a right decision.
 If the students do an exercise about a dialogue or a passage. The reading material will be read twice. First they get a general idea about it. And write down some in shorthand. Then listen again and check the answers. It will be easier for them to improve listening in this way.
Some tips: Naturally, there are some questions we should pay attention to. First, we should choose a suitable listening material for the students to do. Neither too difficult nor too easy. They can be very nice ones. Second, we can introduce some culture to the students, especially some culture gap between China and western countries. Then they can understand why sometimes their choices are not the best ones. Third, we can praise the students when they make some progress. Then they can be sure of themselves. In the end, we can use the listening book twice. Each time, they can note down their answers on a piece paper and their marks as well; step and step, find out they have been improved.
    That’s all my speech. Thank you! If you want to exchange ideas with me, you can send me an E—mail at or drop me a line at 皖六安市徐集中学英语教研组 陈业东(237141)。
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